From the Organizer

India Didactics Association (IDA) is the exclusive membership association in the country for the Education & Skills fraternity engaged in improving learning and teaching. The association is a conglomerate of all stakeholders of the Education & Skills Industry in the country. It brings together the Government (Center & State level), companies providing products, solutions and services related to education & skills and the educators on one platform.

  • With a network of 88,000+ educators, institutions, associations, corporates etc., from the Education & Skills fraternity, IDA unifies the presently scattered Indian education & skills sector to work collaboratively in the delivery of various national objectives, needs and goals.
  • IDA is associated with various education bodies in the country including UGC, AICTE, CBSE, etc. in creating numerous initiatives, along with partnering with trade associations like CII and FICCI and more.
  • IDA is the only official national association representing India in the global Worlddidac Association (Switzerland) with membership in the elite governing council board of the international association.
  • IDA is a partner to the annual Education World Forum (EWF) in London, which is the largest gathering of Education & Skills Ministers in the world. Last year 110+ ministers from 95+ countries converged for the event.
  • IDA as a premier Association organises and hosts a large number of conferences and events for the Education & Skills fraternity to bring together the policy makers & policy implementers on a common platform and discuss the challenges & innovations in the sector.

Global Education Conversation 2020 : The Education World Forum

The Asian Summit on Education & Skills is proud to be associated with the Education World Forum, the largest gathering of education and skills ministers in the world, which is also the internationally recognised ministerial forum for debating future practice in education.

Global Education Conversation is a series of collections of interviews with education ministers and stakeholders from across the world at the Education World Forum.